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Friday, August 6, 2010 at 9:19PM
[Lisa Rae]

It's August.  In the north country, a major milestone is upon us:  it's nearly dark enough for a period in the night to almost need a headlamp.  The first trees are starting to turn color, and the first meatbirds are reaching harvest.

Here's what's been going around here... foremost, the Gruyere is a big hit.  It's absolutely fantastic and just gets better with age.  That's cool.  Ben's had alot of flying this last month, which is great since we have no hunters in August for the first time since our guiding business opened it's doors.

There are chickens EVERYWHERE.  Not sure how many hens there are these days... somewhere between 125 and 150 I think.  Lots of roosters to keep up fertility, and now there's lots of eggs going to the hatchery for fairtime- to be returned in the form of chicks starting in 3 weeks.

We got fishmeal again!  Very exciting stuff, let me tell ya.  And just in time too, because these growing meatbirds are hungry... 85 are close to ready, 30 are 2 weeks old, 50 are 2 days old, and the final 100 are ordered.  Whew.  Glad they're going away before winter, because that would be alot of poop.

Speaking of poop, my interns have been working their tails off.  I just cannot say enough good about them.  It's been an amazing summer, getting to know so many interesting young people who are going to do great things in this world.  I'm so thankful, there are tears in my eyes most of the time.

That's all the big news... Beth is getting ready to kid in the next few days, so I suppose that will be the next post.  New babies.  Nothing like it in the world.  Can't wait to tell you...

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