Lost kid
Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 9:43PM
[Lisa Rae]

Beth gave birth to a lovely elf-eared doeling tonight.  The baby was stuck though... both her front legs were hooked and I didn't get there in time to help.  I was just finishing up milking when I heard her yell.  There's not much that gets a farmer's attention quicker than the sound of an animal in distress.

The legs slipped out so easily, as soon as I hooked them with my index fingers.  It was a senseless death, and no one's fault but my own.  Such a pretty baby, and a girl to boot.  I cleaned up Beth and milked her out.  She has a nice soft milkable udder.  I took a quart of colostrum from her and turned her out.  Sad night.

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