Getting brighter
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 11:07AM
[Lisa Rae]

The darkest part of our winter is past, and we're grateful our friend the sun is getting higher in the sky.  Days are getting noticeably longer now and our activity levels are increasing with the length of day.  

Those extra pounds we put on for hibernation are starting to melt away, though the snow is not.  Not yet.  Not until sometime in April.

But spring doesn't feel that far now, as seeds are starting to germinate for this summer's garden.  And its not only plants that are popping up, but also ideas of plans for summer and all the craziness that it embodies.

Of course, there is still alot of water to flow beneath the bridge between now and the first harvest... but for today it is enough to dream and plan and spin webs of hope. 

Here's to the sun!

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